The SAB Wig Benefit Program

Have medically-related hairloss and believe you should get a break on a great wig?  We do too.  This program is for women and children that live too far away to come to the salon.  With a doctor's script or verification from a social worker, you can get a human hair or blend wig at a very special price, saving hundreds of dollars over what most wig salons and internet web sites charge for the same exact wigs. 

The program is named after Sharon A. Bailey, a nurse and hairstyling client of mine for many years.  Sharon was one of the very first women I fitted with a wig during her cancer treatment.  Sadly, she lost her life to this terrible affliction.  Her kind, loving and sweet disposition are hopefully kept alive in some small way by putting top quality wigs in the hands - and on the heads - of women that otherwise couldn't afford them.  We encourage you to contact us (see below) for more information.  

Sharon, I hope this helps to make up for all those times I burned your ears with the curling iron.  We miss you.

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