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When Sherry Schaefer, a progressive hair designer/makeup artist with over 40 years experience in the beauty industry developed severe alopecia areata well into her career, she had access to the best wigs and products to to meet the challenges of hair loss.  Challenges you may be familiar with - thinning, little or no scalp hair, bald patches of all sizes and shapes, partial regrowth, full regrowth, multiple bouts of total hair loss, no brows, one brow, full lashes on one eye and none on the other - the exhausting and frustrating condition of alopecia areata . 


As word spread about her beautiful, natural-looking wigs, women began approaching her to help them with their own hair loss challenges....and Alternative Hair was born.  Sherry's experienced eye for style, color and form will help you make the right choice for your "alternative hair".  In her words, "If you want your wig to look like it could be your hair, buy it from a hairdresser who knows and wears wigs.  If you don't mind it looking...ah, let's say "questionable", buy it from an impersonal wig site, wig dealer or mail-order catalog."

When it became increasingly clear that many women are reluctant or unable to go to a wig salon, Sherry addressed the challenge and began offering online wig assistance - from answering a few questions, addressing problematic issues and concerns to full wig consultations via virtual technology like Zoom.  This innovative service is called My Wig Coach and is available to anyone regardless of where they get their wigs.

A hairstylist at heart, she offers customizations of all types - from designing the perfect custom wig to personalizing stock wigs, such as thinning, cutting in or trimming fringe (bangs), length removal and base fitting.  Her goal is the same as yours - hair that you love because it looks great and feels like it could be your own.





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